Watford Win Through to the Semi-Finals of the NW Federation Cup

The final preliminary rounds of the NW Fed was held at our club on Thursday 3rd December. We were 9 points ahead of our closest rivals, Ealing and Hampshire House Photographic Society, going into this round and we were again triumphant; coming first with 187 points against Pinner’s 183. Ealing scored 176. Congratulations go to Richard Wilson, who scored two 20s, both of which were starred for Shield Bud King and Dahlia. Chris Smyth also scored a 20 for Feeding Time.

Shield Bug King by Richard Wilson

Shield Bug King by Richard Wilson | Starred image.

Dahlia by Richard Wilson

Dahlia by Richard Wilson | Starred image.

The overall score was:
Watford 590
Ealing 570
Pinner 562

The semi-finals will be against Field End on Tuesday 19th January 2021 at Harrow Camera Club.