The Great Escape from Colchester park and ride

combination padlockMembers attended the Prime Lens Challenge at Colchester on Saturday 20th July. The weather was much kinder to us than forecasted with just a few drops falling as we went for Pizza at lunch time.

The highlight of the day was 4 or us getting stranded in the car park, which was supposed to remain open until 9.30pm but instead was padlocked at around 8.00pm. Despite several phone calls to the emergency (hah!) number and pleading with a friendly police dog handler, The Colchester 4 remained imprisoned for 2.5 hours. Our resourceful President Googled how to pick a combination lock and Richee did the deed in no time.

Still, an eventful and unforgettable day out. Thanks to Susan for organising it. We are looking forward to the results with a good selection of images, which will be judged when we return on 5th September. Remember, you may submit up to 3 images each for a chance of winning.

All the best for the rest of the summer,