The Chilterns Hundred Members Exhibition – 2015

The Chiltern hundred members competition has been judged recently. It is for digital projected images. Every member of a CACC club can enter and the entry is chosen by the club member not by the club. After asking the WCC members for their selection, 11 members chose to enter and I submitted these of their behalf for WCC.

There were 182 entries. Images are judged by a panel of 3 judges, each judge awards up to 5 points for the image for a maximum of 15 points. Just a single image of the 182 scored 15, and only a couple scored 14. There were only 25 images with 13 and 3 of these were from WCC.

Congratulations to;

  • The Last Drop by Lloyd Moore
  • Samburu last generation by Michelle Cirkel
  • Kestrel by Carrie Eva

All the images and scores can be viewed on the CACC website.