Polina Plotnikova. Rojer Weightman. Stag rut.

Still life photography has featured twice since our return. We had Polina Plotnikova give a fascinating talk on creative flower portraiture and still life on 27th September. Her website showcases her talent and can be viewed here: www.polinaplotnikova.com.

On 1st October Rojer Weightman from Stoke Poges PS then spoke about how the 17c Dutch Masters influenced his work. Both speakers gave us insight into the world of still life, which we don’t see a great deal of at WCC so it would be good to see more of it feature in our competitions. We have a set subject of Still Life Around the Home coming up so why not use the current lockdown to have a go?

Unfortunately, the stag rut for Sunday 4th October was washed out so we are looking to reschedule for Saturday 10th October at Bushy Park. See Facebook group for details.