Multiple Sclerosis Society Calendar Competition

Each year at Watford Camera Club, the Watford & District Multiple Sclerosis Society choose the Set Subject for our first Projected Digital Image Competition, and this year it took place on Thursday 18th September 2014. The subject was “Your best calendar image”. As usual with all our competitions, we bring in a judge (Alan Colegrave ARPS, in this case) to comment and score the contest. These are used for our official League Tables and contribute to our competitive members overall scores.

MS Calendar Competition Winners

From left to right, Rod Eva (2nd place), Martin Patten (Winner), Martin Biron
Chairman of the Watford & District Branch of the MS Society and Peter Xerri (3rd place).


But also in this competition, the Watford & Multiple Sclerosis Society, choose a 1st, 2nd & 3rd place, present trophies and for the first time gave cash prizes.

Congratulations go to Peter Xerri in 3rd place and £25 with “St Pauls Cathedral”, Rod Eva in 2nd place and £50 with “Harvest Time” and Martin Patten with 1st place and £100 for “Twilight Brugge”. I’m sure you’ll agree, very well deserved for some outstanding photography.

We like to thank Martin Biron, Chairman of the Watford & District Branch of the MS Society for presenting the prizes and trophies, and to visitors Pam Hurley and Alan MacMillan.

Next season the subject is “Watford & District”. We look for to the same event next year.


Twighlight Brugge_Martin Patten

Winner, Twighlight Brugge by Martin Patten

Harvest Time_Rod Eva

2nd Place, Harvest Time by Rod Eva

St Pauls_Peter Xerri

3rd place, St Pauls by Peter Xerri