Jeff Bhimji’s Remembrance Day image on Watford Observer’s Front Page and other news

Congratulations to Jeff Bhimji who had an amazing credited FRONT PAGE publication on the Watford Observer last month for a beautiful and creative composition in honour of Remembrance Day.

Remembrance day inspired image by Jeff Bhimji on Watford Observer's Front Page

Remembrance day inspired image by Jeff Bhimji on Watford Observer’s Front Page

There are some fab things going on in the Photography World at the moment and we would love to hear what members have seen recently or plan to go and shoot.

There is Winter Wonderland on in Hyde park that will offer some great night time photography but bear in mind that its very busy there and also a potential hot spot for thieves.

Also a great little cheap exhibition is the Taylor Wessing exhibition that I had the pleasure of seeing last year, I loved it!

Also for those of you that don’t like braving the cold, how about having some fun with different effects you could try with a Camera and Christmas tree/Festive Lights, there are plenty of ideas on YouTube (click here to see) but feel free to share them with us so we can forward them on to each other.

Let me know if anyone has any news, have you been published or won anything?

And I managed to get onto the front and second pages of Hatfield and Welwyn Times for shooting from the roof of Hatfield House the Willow Foundation Charity Run Event a few months back.

So, let’s hear it! What are you have been up to?

Debbie Ram, Watford Camera Club Secretary