Jaffer Bhimji and Watford Camera Club in the Watford Observer

It wasn’t so long ago that our very own Jeff, (Jaffa Bhimji) had an image featured in of Watford Observer, well he’s done it again!  This time Jeff has given us a picture and some high praise of the Jaipur dance routine performed at the Imagine Watford Festival.

Jaipur Dance
The text in the picture is too small to read, so here it is repeated.

Jaipur Dance was an absolute delight
Here is a picture I took in Watford town centre last Thursday of what was, in my opinion one of the best routines of Imagine Watford.
According to the Director of Rhythm and Rags Farzana Khan they had just returned from the Glastonbury festival where they were performing music and dance of Jaiper in Rajasthan. Jaffa Bhimji, Watford Camera Club

Well done Jeff!