Don Bennett wins first prize in the MS Calendar Competition

On September 21 2017, the first open competition of our new season kicked off with the customary visit from members of our supported charity, The Multiple Sclerosis Society, who selected their favourite images for their 2018 calendar. This year’s subject was Cassiobury Park.

The Society awarded;

  • First place:  Don Bennet’s Cassiofrica
  • Second place: Terri Adcock with Early Morning Walk
  • Third place: Simon Merriman with What a Sunset

Other selected images for the calendar were:

  • Boys on Bikes by Barry Saunders
  • Calm Before the Storm by Richard Wilson
  • Cassiobury Autumn Scene by Jaffer Bhimji
  • Cedar of Lebanon by Colin Rowe
  • Iron Bridge Lock by Simon Peters
  • November Hoar Frost by Lloyd Moore
  • Smoke on the Water by Steven Meekins
  • The park at Christmas by Peter Xerri

Well done to all for supporting this worthy cause and congratulations to the winners.