Watford Camera Club win Rose Bowl Final

The final of the Rose Bowl between the 12 clubs in the CACC who had scored the highest in the preliminary rounds was held on 18th April. Each club entered 8 images and the competition was judged by the highly regarded Marilyn Roberts. The results are as follows:

Watford CC: 145
Amersham PS: 144
Oxford PS: 142
Woodley PC 140
Maidenhead CC: 133
Harrow CC: 132
Wycombe PS: 131
Imagez: 130
Park Street CC: 130
Princes Risborough PS: 129
Buckingham CC: 127
Marlow CC: Withdrew

This means that Watford Camera Club have won!

Of the 13 images held back, we had 4 and 20s were awarded to Terri Adcock for Fighting Foxes, Chris Smyth for Motherly Love and Lloyd Moore for Final Attempt. 19 was awarded to Terri Adcock for Soar and 18 to Richard Wilson for Shield Bug King.

Motherly Love by Chris Smyth

Motherly Love by Chris Smyth

It’s been a very good year for our club with regard to external competitions, so congratulations to all who took part.