Artists vs Photographers 20th March 2014

Kevin Martin and Richard

From left to right, Kevin Player with “Bowl of grapes”, Judge Martin Smith and Richard Wilson with “Crazy Bandito”.

Every year Watford and Bushey Arts society and Watford Camera Club have a fun competition we call “Artists vs Photographers”.

We each submit 15 of our best for a judge to decide the outcome and we take turns in hosting the competition each year. This year it was Watford Camera Club’s turn to host.

Martin Smith, the judge, did an excellent job, being both informative and entertaining and had his own very unique judging technique. If you are an artist or would like to have a go, he is a professionally trained Art tutor so you may like to check out his web site for more details.

For the last few years the Arts Society have been the winners, but this time round it was a different story with Martin giving the win to the Camera Club. He also picked out his favourite painting and photograph, which was “Bowl of Grapes” by Kevin Player (Artist) and “Crazy Bandito” by Richard Wilson (Photographer).

Martin Smith, Judge

Martin Smith judges Garry Player’s “Bowl of grapes”