Artists vs Photographers 2015

Artists versus Photographers

From left to right: Ken Hasler with “Jigsaw Falls”, Roy Rodgers (Judge), Bill Bain with “Leopard”, Dave Chapman’s “Two coloured water drop” and Jaffa Bhimji with “Chillies and Garlic”.

At the Artists v Photographers competition on Tuesday this week (14th April 2015), Watford Camera Club triumphed and beat the artists from Watford and Bushey Art Society by 5 points. The competition was close at times with some excellent work by both clubs. Congratulations to artists Ken Hasler with “Jigsaw Falls” and Bill Bain with “Leopard” and photographers Jaffer Bhimji with “Garlic and Chillies” and Dave Chapman with “Two coloured water drop” who all scored 20/20 with their images.