3 Panel Print and 3 Panel PDI Competition

Maggie judges John Langford's Panel

Maggie Tear judges one of the Print Panels

The 3 Panel competition runs annually and there are two trophies up for grabs, one for the Print section the other for Projected (PDI). This seasons competiton took place on Thursday 30 Jan 2014.

Judge Maggie Tear arrived with her husband who took his place in the audience amongst the members to watch the competition. We were treated to a great night of entertainment and laughs, the highlight being the banter that went on between Maggie and her husband Ron.

There was an entry by Henri Cartier Bresson, “Three missed moments” featuring the simplest composition possible. I’m not convinced Henri was the author, because he has not joined Watford Camera Club, definitely some shenanigans going on there.

Winning images below, click on them to get the “Bigger Picture”.

Grater Glitter by John Langford

Winner of the Print Trophy – “Grater Glitter” by John Langford

Into the eye_Richard Wils

Winner of the PDI Trophy – “Into the eye” by Richard Wilson