The principle of this competition is to produce a set of three images that:

  1. Tell a story or run a theme.
  2. The tonality and colour should be consistent throughout the panel.
  3. The panel should consist of three separate images or one image chopped into three pieces.

In the this section you can use images that have previously been used as PDIs or prints.

This rule applies to this competition only.
Images entered into this competition can also be entered separately into the monthly competitions.

Triptych PDIs

  • For the first half of the evening your entry should consist of three separate images displayed on one canvas –
  • For the second half of the evening your entry should be one image split into three and displayed on one canvas.
  • Your images should be a .jpg and preferably in the sRGB colour space and sized at 1600 pixels wide or 1200 pixels tall (whichever is the greater).
  • Upload your Image files via the Triptych Email Form by midnight on the Sunday before the competition using the file naming format:- Title_Your Name.jpg

Click to upload image files for the Triptych Competition