Set Subjects 2022-23

Here are the details for the Set Subjects in the 2022-23 season.

Please note that some dates will need to be changed but at least you can make a start at getting those set subject images. Corrections will follow as soon as I have the details.

TBAPrint Set Subject 1 Debbie Ram ‘Seeker of Light’ AwardThis award will be given to the image that the judge believes has the best quality of light. The subject matter is unimportant.  The primary subject should be well/sympathetically lit to bring out the best features and bring it to life.  The light source can be artificial or natural or a combination of the two.
TBAPDI Set Subject 1MetalThe metal elements of the photo should be obvious and dominant. The image may contain other materials or surfaces but the metal element must be key. The metal could be shiny, rusty, reflective, straight, curved, structural, mechanical, macro….
TBAPrint Set Subject 2Round thingsThis should really lend itself to a variety of genres and subjects. Roundness can refer to 2 or 3 dimensions – circles, spheres, cylinders…. It could be macro, architecture, nature, still life, fisheye….. The roundness should be obvious and dominant.
TBAPDI Set Subject 2Creative CompositeLet your imagination run wild and use at least 3 elements (all of which you must have photographed yourself) to construct a single creative/artistic composite image (Not a triptych). It could be a dream like image or a mythical one – or what about horror or indeed humour? The choice of subject or genre is completely yours. You might use filters and textures as well but there must be at least 3 photographic elements from your camera included.
TBAPrint Set Subject 3CultureTry to capture something or someone which depicts a culture. As always your interpretation might vary – it could be an opportunity for a portrait or a street scene such as a carnival or a religious festival or event or…….
TBAPDI Set Subject 3Light trailsThis will obviously need to be a long exposure – with a tripod!? Use your imagination but it could be fireworks, car lights, star trails, a fairground ride, wire wool spinning?....