Set Subjects 2021-22

Here are the details for the Set Subjects in the 2020-21 season.

Please note that some dates will need to be changed but at least you can make a start at getting those set subject images. Corrections will follow as soon as I have the details.

02/09/2021PDI Set Subject 1 Debbie Ram ‘Seeker of Light’ AwardThis award will be given to the image that the judge believes has the best quality of light. The subject matter is unimportant.  The primary subject should be well/sympathetically lit to bring out the best features and bring it to life.  The light source can be artificial or natural or a combination of the two.
14/10/2021Print Set Subject 1Forms in Nature‘Form’ refers to shape. Nature may be flora or fauna. So we are looking for images which really pick out ‘shape. It could be a silhouette or interlocking shapes or a repeating pattern of natural shapes or …….? The ‘form’ should be the main aspect or feature of the image.
09/12/2021PDI Set Subject 2Street ScenesThis should be an image that records everyday life in a public place. The image could be a candid picture of a stranger – possibly without their knowledge. It does not, however, necessarily have to capture people – it could reflect on the impact of life in the street.
10/02/2022Print Set Subject 2CelebrationsThe image should depict any form of celebration. An achievement, a win, a score in sport, a birthday or anniversary – the list goes on. Use your imagination but just make sure that ‘celebration’ is obvious.
07/04/2022PDI Set Subject 3Long ExposureLong-exposure, time-exposure or slow-shutter photography involves using a long duration shutter speed to capture images which might depict blurring, smearing or the obscuring of moving elements. There is no definition of exactly how long or short the exposure should be, but the ‘movement’ of something in the image captured by the slow shutter speed should be a clear and obvious element. This could also include ICM (Intentional Camera Movement)
02/06/2022Print Set Subject 3DecayThis can be decay in the broadest sense. It could be in nature such as a decaying plant or flower but it could also be decay in a derelict ruined building or in any other way that you might interpret it. ‘Decay’ should be obvious and prominent in the image.