Set Subjects 2019-20

Here are the details for the Set Subjects in the 2019-20 season.

Please note that some dates will need to be changed but at least you can make a start at getting those set subject images. Corrections will follow as soon as I have the details.

05 September 2019PDI Set Subject 1 & Prime Lens ChallengePubs & Cafes - MS CalendarAn image that represents the pub or café. Must be in the WD area excluding Kings Langley. Images selected will appear in the 2020 MS Society Calendar. Must be in landscape orientation to fit the sizing of the Calendar.
17 October 2019Print 1: Set Subject & LeagueAgainst the Light Images where the subject is between you and the main source of light e.g. backlighting.
05 December 2019Print 2: Set Subject & LeagueTree Study A tree or trees should be the dominant part of the image. Partial or whole trees may be shown.
06 February 2020Print 3: Set Subject & League Recreate a Well-Known Painting Images that can be recognised as pertaining to the style of an artist, e.g Monet poppy fields or to a well-known painting, e.g Vermeer’s Girl with a Pearl Earring.
20 February 2020PDI Set Subject 2People at Work Showing either an individual or groups of people performing a recognisable occupation.
20 February 2020PDI Set Subject 3SpeedSpeed or Action Images that convey the impression of movement.
9 April 2020Print 4: Set Subject & LeagueIntentional Camera Movement (ICM)Creating an artistic effect by moving the camera during exposure.
14 May 2020PDI Set Subject 4A Night SceneA building or landscape taken outdoors at night. Existing light and/or flash light may be used
14 May 2020PDI Set Subject 5A Study of Water Capturing Water either in its natural state or when harnessed by man.
28 May 2020Print 5: Set Subject & LeagueThe Spirit of MusicImages of musicians or instruments that capture the excitement, rhythm or other qualities of music.