Set Subject PDI Competitions

Set Subject Projected Digital Images (PDIs)

 Please read ALL instructions on this page before uploading. This page is for PDI Set Subject only.

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Set Subjects titles are released on January 1st each year for the Competition Year starting in the September of that same year. This gives at least 9 months for authors to capture their images. Indeed all images for Set Subject MUST be captured after the release date. Members must not use their ‘back catalogue’ from before that date (Jan 1st).

There is one exception to this each year. The Debbie Ram Seeker of Light is a Set Subject Title which runs every year alongside the other 5 annually named titles. The Debbie Ram Seeker of Light Award is always our first Set Subject which we run immediately after we return each September. The image for this competition can be captured after September 1st each year for the following September’s competition. This allows authors one full year to capture their image.

When you use the “Click to upload” link (above or below), you will notice that all of the current seasons Set Subjects (PDI & Print) are listed. Please note that you are NOT expected to upload them all at once.

The list of Set Subjects for this season (2022-23) can be found here. The Programme will tell you when each PDI competition is being held. Your image must be uploaded by midnight on the date shown (the Sunday before the competition).

Your images should be no larger than 1600 pixels wide or 1200 pixels tall (whichever is the greater), they should be in the sRGB colour space and saved as a JPEG. An image produced as a PDI and entered into a PDI competition shall not be used to enter a print competition and vice-verse.

Each PDI can only be entered ONCE. If an error is made no action will be taken on the night (we will need to check our records). For the fist error the member will be given either their average score for the season or the score on the night – whichever is the lowest (no advantage is gained but neither is there a serious disadvantage). For a second or subsequent error a zero score will be given.

Upload your Image files via the Set Subject PDI Email Forms (above or below) by midnight on the Sunday before the competition using the file naming format:–
Title_Your Name.jpg e.g. Mountains and Lakes_Joseph Bloggs.jpg

Click to upload Set Subject PDI image files