Prime Lens Challenge

Important: Please read the following below before uploading.  Upload link can be found by scrolling the page.

The Prime Lens Challenge is an annual competition whereby members are invited to attend a particular venue on a given day and attempt to capture the best image with a prime (fixed focal length) lens. The idea is to practice how to take images by moving your feet rather than zooming a lens and thereby particular attention must be paid to composition and distance to subject. It is also quite liberating to travel light without being burdened with multiple lenses.

The rules are simple:

  1. Only images that are taken at the event are eligible for submission into the competition.
  2. Images must be captured using a prime lens; zoom lenses are not permitted.
  3. Only one prime lens is to be used on the day (we don’t want you swapping to different lenses otherwise it defeats the object).
  4. Any focal length is allowed. You may carry around a 300mm prime if you are feeling strong but most people prefer to use something like a 35mm or 50mm.
  5. Up to 2 projected digital images may be entered into the competition.
  6. Any image entered into the Prime Lens Challenge may also be entered into our monthly internal competitions either as a print or PDI.
  7. The image that is judged to be the best will win the Prime Lens Challenge Shield. Judging takes place early in the season.

Click here to upload up to 2 PDI image files (Prime Lens Challenge)