6 Print Panel

The principle of this competition is to produce a set of six images that fit your “Statement of intent” and arrange them into a hanging plan of 6 images in a row or 2 rows of 3. The member should select a theme or subject for their panel that they are interested / passionate about.


  • Enter your 6 images in the order you wish to display them within the submission form along with your “Statement of intent” and you hanging plan. (Link provided below.)
  • Members will vote for the 3 panels that they feel have met the criteria (image quality, coherence as a panel, does the panel truly reflect the statement?)
  • The 5 panels with the highest votes will be asked to print and mount their panels and bring them along on the 23rd March and talk about them with the members.

The winners will be informed on the 3rd/4th of March to give them time to print and deliver the following: –


  1. 6 mounted prints
  2. A hanging plan showing what order the images should be hung
  3. A printed version of their statement



  • Q1. What size should my images be?
    • Images for the web site will be standard 1600 x 1200 size in SRGB format
    • Printed images can be any size you like as long as they are mounted in the standard 500x400mm mounts.
  • Q2. What is a statement of intent?
    • A statement for a photographic panel should be essentially a statement of your ideas and goals. Your aim should be a clear, succinct statements showing that you have a definite sense of what you want to achieve with the panel.
      • Example 1 :- I wished to showcase the beauty of Britain’s wild flowers in their natural habitat. The panel should contain pictures of Britain’s wild flowers shown where they are growing and highlighting their natural beauty
      • Example 2 : – I wanted to highlight 6 of Britain’s piers, focussing on their shape and form and how that is emphasised by early dawn light. The panel should contain 6 images of British piers, shot at or near dawn and showing the harmony of shape, form and light.
  • Q3. Can I use images I have used before in competition (Either as print of PDI)?
    • No
  • Q4. Can I use any of my panel prints in future competitions?
    • Yes (as Prints or PDI)

Good luck with your panels, be creative, stretch yourself and have fun.


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