Winning Images 2017/18

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Projected Image Competition 1 – 21st September 2017
Set Subject: Cassiobury Park

Print Image Competition 1 – 12th October 2017
Set Subject: Still Life

Projected Image Competition 2 – 9th November 2017
Set Subject: Humour

Print Image Competition 2 – 7th December 2017
Set Subject: Scapes

Projected Image Competition 3 – 11th January 2018
Set Subject: Moving Objects

Print Image Competition 3 – 1st February 2018
Set Subject: Album / CD Cover

Projected Image Competition 4 – 8th March 2018
Set Subject: Confectionery / Sweets

Print and PDI Triptych Competition - 22nd March 2018
Print Image Competition 4 - 5th April 2018
Projected Image Competition 5 – 26th April 2018
Set Subject: Mono Architecture

Print Image Competition 5 - 10th May 2018
Set Subject: Weather