Winning Images 2016/17

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Projected Image Competition 1 – 15th September 2016

Set Subject: Watford through the seasons

Advanced 1st - Through The Window_John Gray.jpg Advanced 2nd - Peruphasma schultei_Terri Adcock.jpg Advanced 3rd - The Paraguayan Howler Choir_Carrie Eva.jpg Intermediate 1st - The point of no return_Neetha Atukorale.jpg Intermediate 2nd - Peacock Tree Frog_Rod Eva.jpg Intermediate 3rd -Kingfisher Alighting_Elaine Rushton.jpg Primary 1st - Gonzo - King Vulture_Bob Long.jpg Primary 2nd - Bittern on the move_Dale Ayres.jpg Primary 3rd - checking message_ Hanue Chan.jpg Set 1st - I Believe I Can Fly 04 16 WD3_Bob Long.jpg Set 2nd - Oxhey Woods Sculpture Trail_Steve Meekins.jpg Set 3rd - Snow Stroll_Jaffer Bhimji LRPS.jpg
Print Image Competition 1 – 13th October 2016

Set Subject: Illustrate a well known saying/phrase

Advanced 1st - An Ode to Elliott Erwitt_Debbie Ram.jpg Advanced 2nd - Shackled_Charlotte Dwyer.jpg Advanced 3rd - Bathing Beauty_Debbie Ram.jpg Intermediate 1st - Scarlet stroll_Neetha Atukorale.jpg Intermediate 2nd - Chris Froome winner tour de France_Gareth Quinn.jpg Intermediate 3rd - Intrigue_michelle cirkel.jpg Primary 1st - Funghi_Simon Merriman.jpg Primary 2nd - A bit of a flap_Steve Meekins.jpg Primary 3rd -Shay-Ann and Daz_Bob Long.jpg Set subject 1st - The Devil is in the Detail_Terri Adcock.jpg Set subject 2nd - Ace up my sleeve_Steven Meekins.jpg Set subject 3rd - Give him a mask and he will show you the truth_Debbie ram.jpg
Projected Image Competition 2 – 15th November 2016

Set Subject: Shutter Speed

Advanced 1st - Hidden Valley_Sarah Walker.jpg Advanced 2nd - Owl_Carrie Eva.jpg Advanced 3rd - Wolf_ Carrie Eva.jpg Intermediate 1st - A passionate defender_Gareth Quinn.jpg Intermediate 2nd - Don't just stand there< call the fire brigade_michelle cirkel.jpg Intermediate 3rd - Look Mum, no hands!_Elaine Rushton.jpg Primary 1st - Secretary Bird_Bob Long.jpg Primary 2nd - The Gymnast_Simon Merriman.jpg Primary 3rd - Anyone for a trip round the bay_David Marsden.jpg Set Subject 1st - Summer Splashin'_Debbie Ram.jpg Set Subject 2nd - The Swing Arc_Lloyd Moore.jpg Set Subject 3rd - Ghost Car_Bob Long.jpg
Print Image Competition 2 – 1st December 2016

Set Subject: Hands

Advanced 1st - Derelict abandoned property_sarah walker.jpgAdvanced 2nd - Vampires Grieve Too_Lloyd Moore.jpgAdvanced 3rd - Hat and Heels_Lloyd Moore.jpgIntermediate 1st - Steam Punk Master_michelle cirkel.jpgIntermediate 2nd - As the mist breaks _Neetha Atukorale.jpegIntermediate 3rd - Chilean Blue Eagle_Rod Eva.jpgPrimary 1st - Nightime at the Mill_Simon Merriman.jpgPrimary 2nd - Friends in Oxford_Simon Merriman.jpgPrimary 3rd - Nature and our road_Hanue Chan.jpgSet Subject 1st -Connection_Lloyd Moore.jpgSet Subject 2nd - Paper Scissors Rock_Charlotte Dwyer (1 of 1).jpgSet Subject 3rd - Reach_Debbie Ram.jpg
Projected Image Competition 3 – 12th January 2017

Set Subject: Something that is Black & White

Advanced 1st - Form_Sarah Walker.jpg Advanced 2nd - Shower_Debbie Ram.jpg Advanced 3rd - Baker Street_Richard Wilson.jpg Intermediate 1st - MADAGASCAN GROUND GECKO_Rod Eva.jpg Intermediate 2nd - Hesperantha_J-Nutkins.jpg Intermediate 3rd - Killer blow_Elaine Rushton.jpg Primary 1st - More than just a cabbage_Simon Merriman.jpg Primary 2nd - Waiting for the tide_chris smyth.jpg Primary 3rd - Ring Of Tulips_Barry Saunders.jpg Set Subject 1st - Throw of the Dice_Lloyd Moore.jpg Set Subject 2nd - Candlestick_Richard Wilson.jpg Set Subject 3rd - Squares, Triangles and Diamonds_Terri Adcock.jpg
Print Image Competition 3 – 2nd February 2017

Set Subject: Hi or Low Key

Advanced 1st - Cecil Brewer Staircase_Terri Adcock.jpgAdvanced 2nd - He's Comin' at Yer_Lloyd Moore.jpgAdvanced 3rd - Contemplation at the party_Debbie Ram.jpgIntermediate 1st - 6 day Madison Brad and Cav_Gareth Quinn.jpgIntermediate 2nd - Gotta light_Neetha Atukorale.jpgIntermediate 3rd - The mill at Lacey Green_Antony Olins.jpgPrimary 1st - Low tide_Steve Meekins.jpgPrimary 2nd - Dog Walking_Steve Meekins.jpgPrimary 3rd - Oil on water_David Marsden.jpgSet Subject 1st - The dark knight_Steve Meekins.jpgSet Subject 2nd - Pollinator Attraction _michelle cirkel.jpgSet Subject 3rd - Wistful_Lloyd Moore.jpg
Projected Image Competition 4 – 2nd March 2017

Set Subject: Depth of Field

Advanced 1st BEE_Carrie Eva.jpg Advanced 2nd Ready_Charlotte Dwyer.jpg Advanced 3rd Flight of the Kite_Lloyd Moore.jpg Intermediate 1st HARVEST MOUSE SENTRY_Rod Eva.jpg Intermediate 2nd Physalis Franchetii_Jaffer Bhimji.jpg Intermediate 3rd In the ring_Neetha Atukorale.jpg Primary 1st Bridges_ColinMacDonald.jpg Primary 2nd Empty Escalator_Simon Peters.jpg Primary 3rd Sunset at Cobblehead_Simon Merriman.jpg set subject 1st Misty Moss_michelle cirkel.jpg set subject 2nd Merry Go Round_Chris Smyth.jpg set subject 3rd Lock up your cabbages_David Marsden.jpg
Print Image Competition 4 –30th March 2017

Set Subject: Food for thought

Advanced 1st - VIKING IN THE SNOW_Charlotte Dwyer (1 of 1).jpg Advanced 3rd - Running Blue Throat_Terri Adcock.jpg Advanced 2nd - Smoking is Cool_Charlotte Dwyer (1 of 1)-2.jpg Intermediate 1st - Alicja_Antony Olins.jpg Intermediate 3rd - As the mist settles in the valley_Neetha Atukorale.jpg Intermediate 3rd - Rickshaw Man_michelle cirkel.jpg Primary 1st - St Pauls in a Spin_Steven Meekins.jpg Primary 2nd - Rusty rivets_David Marsden.jpg Primary 3rd - Ribblehead Viaduct_Simon Peters.jpg Set subject 1st - Chocolate v Apple_Michelle Cirkel.jpg Set subject 2nd - Lets cook some brain food_Steven Meekins.jpg Set subject 3rd - Soul Food_Charlotte Dwyer (1 of 1).jpg
Projected Image Competition 5 – 20th April 2017

Set Subject: Get Close

Advanced 1st - From the Shadows_Lloyd Moore.jpg Advanced 2nd - His Aqua Dream_Debbie Ram.jpg Advanced 3rd - Hungarian parliament on the Danube_Peter Xerri.jpg Intermediate - Sleeping beauty_michelle cirkel.jpg Intermediate 2nd - Old Pier, Swanage_Elaine Rushton.jpg Intermediate 3rd- Eyeing the finishing line_Gareth Quinn.jpg Primary 1st - Flamingo_Simon Merriman.jpg Primary 2nd - The Run for Home_Chris Smyth.jpg Primary 3rd - A Summer sunrise at Stevington Mill_Simon Merriman.jpg Set subject 1st - Moonlit Waterfront City_Terri Adcock.jpg Set subject 2nd - Windows to the Soul_michelle cirkel.jpg Set Subject 3rd - Past glory.Hanue Chan.jpg
Print Image Competition 5 –11th May 2017

Set Subject: Natural Light

Advanced 1st-Nurse Bees Drinking _ Sarah Walker.jpg Advanced 2nd-The Calling_Lloyd Moore.jpg Advanced 3rd-The Window Seat_Debbie Ram.jpg Intermediate 1st-Last furlough_michelle cirkel.jpg Intermediate 2nd-Edge of Darkness_Elaine Rushton.jpg Intermediate 3rd-SOLITUDE_Rod Eva.jpg Primary 1st-A grey day at the seaside_Simon Peters.jpg Primary 2nd-Loom reeds - Masson Mill_David Marsden.jpg Primary 3rd-Tides out_Simon Merriman.jpg Setsubject 1st - EIGHT FIFTY FOUR_DEBBIE RAM.jpg Setsubject 2nd-Fishing fleet at dawn_steven meekins.jpg Setsubject 3rd-St Paul's Church, Langleybury_Lloyd Moore.jpg