Winning Images 2015/16

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Projected Image Competition 1 – 17th September 2015

Set Subject: Watford Scenes – Places you would like to visit (in the Waford Post Code area)

Advanced 1st - Cuban Car_Martin Patten.jpg Advanced 2nd - Gannets Bonding_Martin Patten.jpg Advanced 3rd - Sichuan Opera_Sarah Walker.jpg Intermediate 1st - Skogafoss_Rod Eva.jpg Intermediate 2nd - Skjolden fjord_Peter Xerri.jpg Intermediate 3rd - Golden Pond Dweller_Elaine Rushton.jpg Primary 1st - Jean-Pierre_Antony Olins.jpg Primary 2nd - Puffin Panic_SimonPeters.jpg Primary 3rd - Reims-en-Champagne_Liz-Ashford.jpg Set Subject 1st - Sarratt Church_Colin Rowe.jpg Set Subject 2nd - St Mary's Open Space_michelle cirkel.jpg Set Subject 3rd - The Walled Garden Shenley_Debbie Ram.jpg
Print Image Competition 1 – 1st October 2015

Set Subject: Transport

Advanced 1st - Cuban Candid Cuties_Martin Patten.jpg Advanced 2nd - Fletch_Debbie Ram.jpg Advanced 3rd - Peacock Tree Frog_Carrie Eva.jpg Intermediate 1st - Seeing Eye to Eye_Lloyd Moore.jpg Intermediate 2nd - Rankin's Dragon_Rod Eva.jpg Intermediate 3rd - The Boss_Rod Eva.jpg Primary 1st - A nap in the sun_Antony Olins.jpg Primary 2nd - Uptown Solio, Kenya_michelle cirkel.jpg Primary 3rd - Gone fishing_michelle cirkel.jpg Set Subject 1st - Darting to Dartmouth_Debbie Ram.jpg Set Subject 2nd - Shanks's pony_Sarah Walker.jpg Set Subject 3rd - Fishy Escalators_Martin Patten.jpg
Projected Image Competition 2 – 22nd October 2015

Set Subject: Portraits The brief – A Candid capture or created shot to deliver an image of a person that captures their Character

Advanced 1st - Rat Catcher_Martin Patten.jpg Advanced 2nd - The Tunnel_Martin Patten.jpg Advanced 3rd - Paraglider at Sunset_Colin Rowe.jpg Intermediate 1st - Sagrada familia_Peter Xerri.jpg Intermediate 2nd - Father & son_Peter Xerri.jpg Intermediate 3rd - Labradorable_Lloyd Moore.jpg Primary 1st - Formation Gulls_Barry Saunders.jpg Primary 2nd - Isolated_Liz Ashford.jpg Primary 3rd - Great Crested Grebe feeding chick_Bob Long.jpg Set subject 1st - Warren_Dewayne McFarlane.jpg Set subject 2nd - In trouble_Richard Wilson.jpg Set subject 3rd - Please let me out, i'll be good!_Simon Peters.jpg
Print Image Competition 2 – 19th November 2015

Set Subject: We go together

Advanced 1st - Peacock tree frog and mate_Carrie Eva.jpg Advanced 2nd - Glorious moonlight_Richard Wilson.jpg Advanced 3rd - Kitty on a cage_Charlotte Dwyer.jpg Intermediate 1st - Perpetual Despair_Lloyd Moore.jpg Intermediate 2nd- Spiral Ascent_Elaine Rushton.jpg Intermediate 3rd - High Key Humphrey_Lloyd Moore.jpg Primary 1st - Up for Sail_Simon Peters.jpg Primary 2nd - The Storyteller_Tony Yates.jpg Primary 3rd - End of the line_Tony Yates.jpg Set 1st - Bread and Cheese_Martin Patten.jpg Set 2nd - Coffee & Cream_Lloyd Moore.jpg Set 3rd - Lets go_Peter George.jpg
Projected Image Competition 3 – 10th December 2015

Set Subject: Things that go Bump in the Night

Advanced 1st-The Doorman_Martin Patten.jpg Advanced 2nd-Li River Cormorant_Sarah Walker.jpg Advanced 3rd-Painted Hopper_Carrie Eva.jpg Intermediate 1st-Scottish Wildcat_Elaine Rushton.jpg Intermediate 2nd-I'm watching you_Neetha Atukorale.jpg Intermediate 3rd-SLAPIN' THE BASS_Rod Eva.jpg Primary 1st-SE Owl Hunting_Dale Ayres.jpg Primary 2nd-Pipe Dreams_Jan Gunc.jpg Primary 3rd-Tender Touch_michelle cirkel.jpg Set subject 1st-Daddy's Home_Lloyd Moore.jpg Set subject 2nd-More flesh please_Richard Wilson.jpg Set subject 3rd-twit twit twoooooo_michelle cirkel.jpg
Print Image Competition 3 – 21st January 2016

Set Subject: It’s a Sporting Life

Advanced 1st - Scoop_Richard Wilson.jpg Advanced 2nd - Much wisdom_Richard Wilson.jpg Advanced 3rd - Orangutan_Carrie Eva.jpg Intermediate 1st - Curves and Shadows_Lloyd Moore.jpg Intermediate 2nd - Light Sleeper_Lloyd Moore.jpg Intermediate 3rd - GLACIER ARCH_Rod Eva.jpg Primary 1st - Screw_michelle cirkel.jpg Primary 2nd - Tiger in the light_Bob Long.jpg Primary 3rd - Beach Hut Balconies_Simon Peters.jpg Set 1st - About to drive_Richard Wilson.jpg Set 2nd - slow pan skater_Antony Olins.jpg Set 3rd - Going Going Gone_Lloyd Moore.jpg
Projected Image Competition 4 – 25th February 2016

Set Subject: Up in the air

Advanced 1st - Argentinian ornate horned frog_Carrie Eva.jpg Advanced 2nd - The Frozen North_Sarah Walker.jpg Advanced 3rd - Love in the city_Richard Wilson.jpg Intermediate 1st - TREE FROG_Rod Eva.jpg Intermediate 2nd - Bright Eyes_Elaine Rushton.jpg Intermediate 3rd - PAINTED HOPPER_Rod Eva.jpg Primary 1st - Wolf in Winter Sun_Liz Ashford.jpg Primary 2nd - Virgin anyone-Steve Meekins.jpg Primary 3rd - Osprey with fish_Dale Ayres.jpg Set Subject 1st - Eye up high_Richard Wilson.jpg Set Subject 2nd - Tokyo at 634 metres_Joshua Olins.jpg Set Subject 3rd - Snack Attack_michelle cirkel.jpg
Print Image Competition 4 – 17th March 2016

Set Subject: Abandoned

Advanced 1st - Relflection_Charlotte Dwyer.jpg Advanced 2nd - Thank you for the Music_Martin Patten.jpg Advanced 3rd - Fritillary in blue_J Nutkins.jpg Intermediate 1st - Elf Queen_Lloyd Moore.jpg Intermediate 2nd - The Toymaker_Lloyd Moore.jpg Intermediate 3rd - AFRICAN SACRED IBIS_Rod Eva.jpg Primary 1st - Village Boy_michelle cirkel.jpg Primary 2nd - Rustic blue_Antony Olins.jpg Primary 3rd - Tunnel vision_Antony Olins.jpg Set Subject 1st - Forgotten_Lloyd Moore.jpg Set Subject 2nd - Just Needs a Lick of Paint_Martin Patten.jpg Set Subject 3rd - Forsaken_Richard Wilson.jpg
Projected Image Competition 5 – 28th April 2016

Set Subject: Frame it

Advanced 1st - Kingfisher_Carrie Eva.jpg Advanced 2nd - Burrowing Owl in Flight_Martin Patten.jpg Advanced 3rd - Tree Frog Mid Blink_Terri Adcock.jpg Intermediate 1st - Down the eye of a bastard poachers gun_Peter Xerri.jpg Intermediate 2nd - Early Morning Angler_Elaine Rushton.jpg Intermediate 3rd - Living Doll_Lloyd Moore.jpg Primary 1st - Newhaven light_Antony Olins.jpg Primary 2nd - Two Furlongs to Go_Max Black.jpg Primary 3rd - Pensive Mood_michelle cirkel.jpg Setsubject 1st - Construction_Joshua Olins.jpg Setsubject 2nd - In the Arches_Debbie Ram.jpg Setsubject 3rd - Equation-Pear Equals It_michelle cirkels.jpg
Print Image Competition 5 – 19th May 2016

Set Subject: Fairy Tales

Advanced 1st - Kate_Charlotte Dwyer.jpg Advanced 2nd - Up!_Sarah Walker.jpg Advanced 3rd - The Dream_Charlotte Dwyer.jpg Intermediate 1st - Spray away_Neetha Atukorale.jpg Intermediate 2nd - BARBARY MACAQUE WITH BABY_Rod Eva.jpg Intermediate 3rd - Halcyon Blue_Elaine Rushton.jpg Primary 1st - The Five Bridges_Max Black.jpg Primary 2nd - the four stooges_Antony Olins.jpg Primary 3rd - On balance_michelle cirkel.jpg Set subject 1st - Drink Me_michelle cirkel.jpg Set subject 2nd - Take a Bite Snow White_Martin Patten.jpg Set subject 3rd - The wizard's magic_Richard Wilson.jpg