Winning Images 2014/15

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Projected Image Competition 1 – 18th September 2014
Advanced 1st - Lamagia Gliding on the Thermals_Andy Barnes.jpg Advanced 2nd - FIll ya Boots_Richard Wilson.jpg Advanced 3rd - The Elusive Stoat_Martin Patten.jpg Intermediate 1st - Castle in the Storm_Colin Rowe.jpg Intermediate 2nd - The Honey Seller_Sarah Walker.jpg Intermediate 3rd - Downtown Soufrieres_Sarah Walker.jpg Primary 1st - Winter Sun_Mark Slater.jpg Primary 2nd - Madly in Love_Hanue Chan.jpg Primary 3rd - Eggs-Hausted_Michelle Cirkel.jpg Set Subject 1st - Great Gable_Richard Wilson.jpg Set Subject 2nd - Pink Gerberas_J Nutkins.jpg Set Subject 3rd - Harvest Time_Rod Eva.jpg
Print Image Competition 1 – 16th October 2014
Advanced 1st - Midas's Hour_Debbie Ram.jpg Advanced 2nd - Made For Walking_Richard Wilson.jpg Advanced 3rd - Windswept Trees_Richard Wilson.jpg Intermediate 1st - Destitute_Sarah Walker.jpg Intermediate 2nd - Cyril The Squirrel_Peter Xerri.jpg Intermediate 3rd - Harvest Mouse_Rod Eva.jpg Primary 1st - Sophia Rose_Elaine Rushton.jpg Primary 2nd - Othello_Neetha Atukorale.jpg Primary 3rd - Jolly Roger_Michelle Cirkel.jpg Set Subject 1st - Acoma Pueblo Sky City New Mexico_Gareth Quinn.jpg Set Subject 2nd - Walkie Talkie And Friends_Richard Wilson.jpg Set Subject 3rd - Its All About The Money_Claire Lobel.jpg
Projected Image Competition 2 – 13th November 2014
Advanced 1st - Sacrifice_John Gray.jpg Advanced 2nd - Daisy_Charlotte Dwyer.jpg Advanced 3rd - Lady Chapel_John Macadam.jpg Intermediate 1st - Patterns Of Learning_John Langford.jpg Intermediate 2nd - Little Langdale Ladies_Sarah Walker.jpg Intermediate 3rd - My Final Dance _Paul Winslow .jpg Primary 1st - Gull On Beach_Barry Saunders.jpg Primary 2nd - Little Monkey_Sarah Quinn.jpg Primary 3rd - Howdy Partner_Neetha Atukorale.jpg Set Subject 1st - Porche Museum_Rod Eva.jpg Set Subject 2nd - Miniature Hong Kong_Hanue Chan.jpg Set Subject 3rd - Under The Saddle Climbing In The Pyrenees_Gareth Quinn.jpg
Print Image Competition 2 – 11th December 2014
Advanced 1st - Daisy Age 3_Charlotte Dwyer.jpg Advanced 2nd - A Long Way to Climb_Terri Adcock.jpg Advanced 3rd - Boscome Pier_Jaffer Bhimji.jpg Intermediate 1st - Stickle Ghyll in the Mist_Sarah Walker.jpg Intermediate 2nd - Dunlin on the Dee estuary_Peter Xerri.jpg Intermediate 3rd - Limbo_Gareth Quinn.jpg Primary 1st - Emerald Eyes_Lloyd Moore.jpg Primary 2nd - The Three Musketeers_Neetha Atukorale.jpg Primary 3rd - Luke_elainerushton.jpg Set Subject 1st - Double Yolk_Lloyd Moore.jpg Set Subject 2nd - Breakfast with a smile_Richard Wilson.jpg Set Subject 3rd - Egg scaping_Sarah Walker.jpg
Projected Image Competition 3 – 22nd January 2015
Advanced 1st - Frozen_Debbie Ram.jpg Advanced 2nd - Standing in the shadow_Richard Wilson.jpg Advanced 3rd - King of the Autumn Bracken_Debbie Ram.jpg Intermediate 1st - Puff_Sarah Walker.jpg Intermediate 2nd - Youth hostel in the hills_Colin Rowe.jpg Intermediate 3rd - The Watcher_Sarah Walker.jpg Primary 1st - Green Fields at Sunset _Mark Slater.jpg Primary 2nd - The Nine Fourteen_Claire Lobel.jpg Primary 3rd - Flying into the light_Julia Green.jpg Set Subject 1st - high diddle diddle_michelle cirkel.jpg Set Subject 2nd - Jack be nimble_Richard Wilson.jpg Set Subject 3rd - Wee Willy's Night Off_Debbie Ram.jpg
Print Image Competition 3 – 19th February 2015
Advanced 1st - STORMY CHAIROPLANE_DEBBIE RAM.jpg Advanced 2nd - The O22_Charlotte Dwyer.jpg Advanced 3rd - Bald Eagle_Carrie Eva.jpg Intermediate 1st - The Last Stand_Sarah Walker.jpg Intermediate 2nd - Northen Lights_Rod Eva.jpg Intermediate 3rd - My 3 Boys_ Sarah Walker.jpg Primary 1st - The Last Drop_Lloyd Moore.jpg Primary 2nd - Enticement_Lloyd Moore.jpg Primary 3rd - A Steady Gaze_Elaine Rushton.jpg Set Subject 1st - SWALLOWED_DEBBIE RAM.jpg Set Subject 2nd - I see you_Sarah Walker.jpg Set Subject 3rd - The 18th_Gareth Quinn.jpg
Projected Image Competition 4 – 19th March 2015
Advanced 1st - Tending The Crop_John Gray.jpg Advanced 2nd - Gherkin Central_Richard Wilson.jpg Advanced 3rd - Success_Richard Wilson.jpg Intermediate 1st - ONLY OPEN ON SUNDAYS _PAUL WINSLOW.jpg Intermediate 2nd - Get your legs over boys_Gareth Quinn.jpg Intermediate 3rd - First Light at Blea Tarn_Sarah Walker.jpg Primary 1st - Middle Eastern Wines_Claire Lobel.jpg Primary 2nd - Misunderstood_Elaine Rushton.jpg Primary 3rd - Blae Tarn at sunrise_Mark Slater.jpg Set Subject 1st - Quench_Debbie Ram.jpg Set Subject 2nd - Time slips by_David Marsden.jpg Set Subject 3rd - Look into my eye _ Julia Green.jpg
Print Image Competition 4 – 16th April 2015
Advanced 1st - Ghostly_Richard Wilson.jpg Advanced 2nd - Bushy Park Sunrise_Martin Patten.jpg Advanced 3rd - Balancing Act_Richard Wilson.jpg Intermediate 1st - Buttermere Pines_Sarah Walker.jpg Intermediate 2nd - That Tree_Sarah Walker.jpg Intermediate 3rd - When I’m Calling You_Graham Hutchinson.jpg Primary 1st - Under Fire_Lloyd Moor.jpg Primary 2nd - The Boy With The Green Socks_Barry Saunders.jpg Primary 3rd - Liquid Glass_Lloyd Moore.jpg Set Subject 1st - Introspection_Sarah Walker.jpg Set Subject 2nd - Unwind_Ionela Voinescu.jpg Set Subject 3rd - Flaming Hard Life_Dave Chapman.jpg
Projected Image Competition 5 – 14th May 2015
Advanced 1st - Eagle_ Carrie Eva.jpg Advanced 2nd - Red Squirrel_Martin Patten.jpg Advanced 3rd - Peace and Quiet_Debbie Ram .jpg Intermediate 1st - Circle line_PeterXerri.jpg Intermediate 2nd - Orchid in the rain_Colin Rowe.jpg.jpg Intermediate 3rd - St Pauls through the trees_David Marsden.jpg Primary 1st - Bronzed and Gritty_Lloyd Moore.jpg Primary 2nd - Pomegranate_Claire Lobel.jpg Primary 3rd - Otters_Bob Long.jpg Set Subject 1st - Seeing Red_Lloyd Moore.jpg Set Subject 2nd - You're gonna burn_Bob Long.jpg Set Subject 3rd - When the gun fires_Peter George.jpg
Print Image Competition 5 – 28th May 2015
Advanced 1st - Pretty Woman_Charlotte Dwyer.jpg Advanced 2nd - WOODMAN_DEBBIE RAM.jpg Advanced 3rd - Cascade_Richard Wilson.jpg Intermediate 1st - Peace on Derwent Water_Sarah Walker.jpg Intermediate 2nd - It takes all sorts_Gareth Quinn.jpg Intermediate 3rd - Where the Dark Trees are_Sarah Walker.jpg Primary 1st - Round and round_Claire Lobel.jpg Primary 2nd - Dark Thoughts_Lloyd Moore.jpg Primary 3rd - Spell Casting_Elaine Rushton.jpg Set Subject 1st - Up the Lloyds_Richard Wilson.jpg Set Subject 2nd - Balls of Steel_Antony Olins.jpg Set Subject 3rd - Best of British engineering_Peter Xerri.jpg