Winning Images 2013/14

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Projected Image Competition 1 – 19 September 2013
1st - Kitzbuhel Alps _Jaffer Bhimji.jpg 2nd - Stag in Early Morning Sun_Terri Adcock.jpg 3rd - Ken_Richard Wilson.jpg 1st - Fly Fly Fly - Polar Bear wants us for Lunch_Andy Barnes.jpg 2nd - Dusk in the Arctic Circle_Andy Barnes.jpg 3rd - Red Arrows Crossing_Charlotte Dwyer.jpg 1st - the-willows-in-the-wind_joshua-olins.jpg 2nd - Topping out at Fair Head_Gareth Quinn.jpg 3rd - BAD HORN DAY_ G Hutchinson.jpg 1st - The Met in the Wet_J Nutkins.jpg 2nd - Cassiobury Park_Marios Forsos.jpg 3rd - Home of the Hornet_John Langford.jpg
Print Image Competition 1 – 17 October 2013
1st - Chillies & Garlic _Jaffer Bhimji.jpg 2nd - Alley of death_David McTernan.jpg 3rd - A DAY AT THE MUSEUM_ Paul winslow.jpg 1st - Ice Wall_Andy Barnes.jpg 2nd - Charlie Chaplin_Charlotte Dwyer.jpg 3rd - Italian wine cellar_Dave Chapman.jpg 1st - GrandCanal_SarahWalker.jpg 2nd - In Clover_SarahWalker.jpg 3rd - How far is the top - Col du Barioz_Gareth Quinn.jpg 1st - In the dark_debbie ram.jpg 2nd - Preparing for the day_SarahWalker.jpg 3rd - THE OLD BENCH _ Paul winslow.jpg
Projected Image Competition 2 – 14 November 2013
1st - Shiny Happy People_Richard Wilson.jpg 2nd - The Hut_John Gray.jpg 3rd - Run Aground_Peter Xerri.jpg 1st - Polar Bear Banquet_Andy Barnes.jpg 2nd - Times Past_Colin Rowe.jpg 3rd - Laughter Is The Best Medicine_Dave Chapman.jpg 1st - Homage To Jacqueline Du Pra_James Burwell.jpg 2nd - Fireworks_Max Black.jpg 3rd - Anna_Kelly Baylis.jpg 1st - In Yer Face_Richard Wilson.jpg 2nd - A Mothers Hope_Debbie Ram.jpg 3rd - Who Are You Looking At_G Hutchinson.jpg
Print Image Competition 2 – 12 December 2013
Advanced 1st - Buddy Keith_Richard Wilson.jpg Advanced 2nd - BIG MAN_David McTernan.jpg Advanced 3rd - Drummer Boy_Richard Wilson.jpg Intermediate 1st - Every'ting Irie_DebbieRam.jpg Intermediate 2nd - Where is my Dinner __ Andy Barnes.jpg Intermediate 3rd - Shires at Work_Chris Skinner.jpg Primary 1st - Yasmin_Margetta Boyce.jpg Primary 2nd - Jonathon_Sarah Walker.jpg Primary 3rd - The coming storm_Sarah Walker.jpg Set Subject 1st - velocity_Dave Chapman.jpg Set Subject 2nd - Strum_DebbieRam.jpg Set Subject 3rd - I feel a stunt coming on_Carrie Eva.jpg
Projected Image Competition 3 – 16 January 2014
Advanced 1st - Plughole_Richard Wilson.jpg Advanced 2nd - Shades_John Gray.jpg Advanced 3rd - Organic V Inorganic Growth_David Mcternan.jpg Intermediate 1st - A Purrfect Couple_Debbie Ram.jpg Intermediate 2nd - Dungeness Boat_David Marsden.jpg Intermediate 3rd - Is This All There Is For Dinner_Carrie Eva.jpg Primary 1st - Where Are The Showers_Gareth Quinn.jpg Primary 2nd - New Forest Point To Point_Sarah Walker.jpg Primary 3rd - Beach House_G Hutchinson.jpg Set Subject 1st - Provencal Distressed_John Langford.jpg Set Subject 2nd - I Am Not Your Notice Board_Hanue Chan.jpg Set Subject 3rd - Jack Frost_Peter Xerri.jpg
Print Image Competition 3 – 13 February 2014
Advanced 1st - Kitty_J Nutkins.jpg Advanced 2nd - Poppy And Pods_ Jeff Bhimji.jpg Advanced 3rd - Rocks And Stones And Sea And Sky_Richard Wilson.jpg Intermediate 1st - Fresh Tea _Charlotte Dwyer.jpg Intermediate 2nd - Egyptian Sunset _Charlotte Dwyer.jpg Intermediate 3rd - Djembe_Debbie Ram.jpg Primary 1st - Calling Out_Sarah Walker.jpg Primary 2nd - Tradtional Crafts_Sarah Walker.jpg Primary 3rd - One On One Against The Clock_Gareth Quinn.jpg Set Subject 1st - Go_Debbie Ram.jpg Set Subject 2nd - My Decisive Moment_Jeff Bhimji .jpg Set Subject 3rd - Gold Man Covent Garden_David Mcternan.jpg
Projected Image Competition 4 – 6 March 2014
Advanced 1st - Rob E-Squire_Richard Wilson.jpg Advanced 2nd - Veiled_J Nutkins.jpg Advanced 3rd - Off To War_Martin Patten.jpg Intermediate 1st - Snow Scene_Barry Saunders.jpg Intermediate 2nd - A Jogger On Primrose Hill_Charlotte Dwyer.jpg Intermediate 3rd - Macaque Monkey-Langkawi_Michelle Cirkel.jpg Primary 1st - Laura_Margetta Boyce.jpg Primary 2nd - Eclipse_R Nutkins.jpg Primary 3rd - Atomium_G Hutchinson.jpg Set Subject 1st - The Usual Suspects_Antony Olins.jpg Set Subject 2nd - Clockwork Orange_David Marsden.jpg Set Subject 3rd - 23 Paces To Baker Sreet_Jeff Bhimji.jpg
Print Image Competition 4 – 3 April 2014
Advanced 1st - Let There Be Light_Terri Adcock.jpg Advanced 2nd - Journeys End_Richard Wilson.jpg Advanced 3rd - Pelican Portrait_Martin Patten.jpg Intermediate 1st - The Hustle And Bustle At Chez Michele_Debbie Ram.jpg Intermediate 2nd - Red And Green Waterdrop_Dave Chapman.jpg Intermediate 3rd - Decima_Chris Skinner.jpg Primary 1st - An Artist At Westbury Court_Max Black.jpg Primary 2nd - The Mighty Fullerians_ Sarah Walker.jpg Primary 3rd - Gracious Winner _ Sarah Walker.jpg Set Subject 1st - Xmas At Regent Street_Hanue Chan.jpg Set Subject 2nd - Swinging Watch_Chris Skinner.jpg Set Subject 3rd - 15 Seconds On Westminster Bridge_Charlotte Dwyer.jpg
Projected Image Competition 5 – 1 May 2014
Advanced 1st - Captain J_Richard Wilson.jpg Advanced 2nd - Big Ben Six Ten_Richard Wilson.jpg Advanced 3rd - Haw Frost - Glen Coe_John Gray.jpg Intermediate 1st - The Tower_ Andy Barnes.jpg Intermediate 2nd - Tulips In Amsterdam_Rod Eva.jpg Intermediate 3rd - Cheetah Portrait_Debbie Ram.jpg Primary 1st - Red Kite 1_Max Black.Jpg.jpg Primary 2nd - Loch Duich_Colin Macdonald.jpg Primary 3rd - Storm Damage_Max Black.jpg Set Subject 1st - One Tequila Two Tequilla Three Tequila Floor _Debbie Ram.jpg Set Subject 2nd - Threepenny Bit Treasure Trove_John Langford.jpg Set Subject 3rd - High Stakes_Richard Wilson.jpg
Print Image Competition 5 – 29 May 2014
Advanced 1st - Little Egrit_Peter Xerri.jpg Advanced 2nd - Interupted_Richard Wilson.jpg Advanced 3rd - Stag And Hind_Jaffer Bhimji.jpg Intermediate 1st - Otters Matting Call_Michelle Cirkel.jpg Intermediate 2nd - Dare Frame Thy Fearful Symmetry_Debbie Ram.jpg Intermediate 3rd - Heleborus_Chris Skinner.jpg Primary 1st - Philip_Sarah Walker.jpg Primary 2nd - Mabry Mill_Max Black.jpg Primary 3rd - Girl With A Stripped Hat_Antony Olins.jpg Set Subject 1st - Charles de Gaulle In Slumber_John Langford.jpg Set Subject 2nd - St Albans Cathedral 10pm_Richard Wilson.jpg Set Subject 3rd - Under The Bridge_Carrie Eva.jpg