Set Subjects 2018-19

Our monthly competitions run alongside our set-subject competition and are scored and judged on the same evening.  All members are eligible to enter and more details can be found on the Monthly Print Competition and Monthly PDI Competition pages respectively.


20 September 2018PDI 1Water - MS CalendarAny water image in the WD postcode excluding Kings Langley. As this is for the MS Calendar then all images MUST be in landscape form.
18 October 2018Print 1Close Up in the KitchenAnything in or associated with a kitchen will qualify. Think about getting in tight to kitchen implements or food with a macro lens or telephoto.
15 November 2018PDI 2Long ExposureThink of something that would create an interesting image by setting your camera to a long exposure. You may need filters and/or tripod for this. It could be light trails, milky water or intentional camera movement.
6 December 2018Print 2Film TitlesAny well-known film title that could be identified by your image. Nothing too obscure as we want the judge to be able to guess what the title is. Note: anyone who produces a clockwork orange will be slapped around the face with a wet kipper.
17 January 2019PDI 3Street PhotographyCapture the moment in everyday life. Candid shots of people going about their daily routine.
7 February 2019Print 3AbstractRather than capturing the whole, think about part of an object. This could be a building or object.
7 March 2019PDI 4SportsAny sports-related theme or activity qualifies. It could be an actual event, sports equipment or clothing.
4 April 2019Print 4Myths and LegendsThe Sword and the Stone; Robin Hood; George and the Dragon; the Beast of Bodmin Moor. The list is endless
25 April 2019PDI 5A Birds Eye ViewAnything taken from above as would be seen by a bird in flight.
23 May 2019Print 5MonochromeAnything goes providing it’s in black and white. No additional colours, even a small amount is not allowed. Definitely no colour-popping.