Watford Salon of Photography 2018

The Salon is now closed for entries.



Those of us involved in club photography know of the fun, excitement and camaraderie that participation brings. With this in mind, Watford Camera Club are running an open digital image competition, but with a slight twist in that we are running a dedicated junior category as well.

Our aim is to encourage new people to become involved in photography with a particular emphasis on juniors so we are inviting you to support this venture. There are 3 categories; Colour Open, Monochrome Open and Junior.

Category Definitions

Colour Open

Any colour image is acceptable irrespective of the subject matter or genre.

Monochrome Open

White and shades of another single colour is a monochrome image in this class. Any partial toning or the addition of another colour, no matter how small, becomes a colour work and should be entered in the Colour category.


Images in this class may be any subject matter or genre, can be colour or monochrome. Entrants must be under 18 years of age (i.e. 17 years, 364 days or under) at the time of the submission deadline. Winners in this section must be prepared to prove their date of birth. See below for full conditions of entry.


The selector will decide which images reach the required standard to be accepted into the competition.
There will Gold, Silver and Bronze medals in each category plus a trophy prize for the best overall image.
Certificates of commendation will be awarded at the selector’s discretion.
All winning, commended and accepted images will be displayed on our website and details published in the local press.

How to enter

Images must be a maximum of 1400 pixels wide and a maximum of 1050 in height, and supplied as JPEGS in the sRGB colour space (this is typically the default colour space setting for most devices). An image that is, for example, 1400 wide but 1200 high will be too high and must be resized to 1050 in height; an image of 1600 wide but 1050 high will be too wide and must be resized to 1400 in width. Images that are smaller than this will automatically have a black background applied to take it to the correct dimensions. There is no need for the author to do this as our software will apply the background as required.

Please ensure that no watermark appears on the image, nor any indication of the name of the author in the title.

Images should be named as follows: –
Title_Your Name.jpg, e.g. Eagle Owl_John Smith.jpg

Please be aware that the name of the author may only appear after the underscore and not in the Title segment, for example:
John Smith_Eagle Owl.jpg is incorrect and will be disqualified.
John Smith Eagle Owl_John Smith is incorrect and will be disqualified.

The cost of entry is £1 per image submitted, so a maximum of £8 for open competitors and £4 for juniors.

NB: Once submitted, images cannot be altered or replaced, so please ensure you are satisfied with your images before submitting. If you make a mistake or have any queries then please contact Watford Camera Club on info@watfordcameraclub.org where we will try to resolve the issue.


Open for submissionsTuesday 7th February 2018
Submission deadline11:59pm BST Sunday 8th April 2018
Selection dateSaturday 14th April 2018
Results posted on websiteBy Sunday 13th May 2018

The Selector

Micki Aston CPAGB

A few words from our selector:

Taking up photography could give you a passion that will give you hours and hours of pleasure throughout your lives. If it is something you truly enjoy, it will enrich, reward and challenge you in equal measure.

Good luck!

Conditions of entry

  1. Anyone who is under the age of 18 at the time of the submission deadline may enter the Junior category.
  2. Copyright of the image and any components used must belong to the author.
  3. Watford Camera Club has the right to use any image entered for publicity purposes, including local press and our website.
  4. Authors may submit up to 4 images in each class.
  5. Images must be the author’s own work and taken on a digital device, such as a DSLR or mirrorless camera, mobile phone or tablet camera.
  6. The use of post processing software to enhance or alter the photograph is permitted in all classes, however, images that are entirely computer generated are outside the scope of this competition.
  7. Any manipulations or adjustments to the images must have been carried out by the entrant.
  8. Watford Camera Club reserve the right to refuse to enter what they consider to be unsuitable or wrongly submitted images.
  9. Any indication of the name of the author by watermark, title or otherwise will be disqualified.
  10. The submission of any entry signifies acceptance of these conditions.

This Salon will be supporting the local branch of The Multiple Sclerosis Society.