Winning Images 2018/19

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Projected Image Competition 1 – 20th September 2018

Set Subject: Water

Advanced 1st - Don't Judge until you've seen the whole Picture_Colin MacDonald.jpg Advanced 2nd - Sand Waves_Sarah Walker.jpg Advanced 3rd - Bumble_Richard Wilson.jpg Intermediate 1st - Cheetah_Chris Smyth.jpg Intermediate 2nd - Gotcha_michelle cirkel.jpg Intermediate 3rd - Racing Through the Clouds_Rod Eva.jpg General 1st - What!_andrew robertson.jpg General 2nd - Bee On Lavender_Megan Chaplin.jpg General 3rd - Proud dad_Chris Spencer.jpg Set subject 1st - Rainbow in the Rain_michelle cirkel.jpg Set subject 2nd - Wet Spring_Patrick Seehanach.jpg Set subject 3rd - Cheslyn House Pond in a bubble_Antony Olins.jpg

Print Image Competition 1 – 18th October 2018

Set Subject: Close Up in the Kitchen

Advanced 1st - Sadness Behind the Greasepaint_Lloyd Moore CPAGB BPE2.jpg Advanced 2nd - Reynisfjara Beach_Sarah Walker.jpg Advanced 3rd - Warrior Queen_Lloyd Moore CPAGB BPE2.jpg Intermediate 1st - Golden Headed Lion Tamarin_michelle cirkel.jpg Intermediate 2nd - Autumn windfall_Steven Meekins.jpg Intermediate 3rd - Fritillaria michailovskyi_J Nutkins.jpg General 1st - Check the Tyres_Michael Colman (1 of 1).jpg General 2nd - Close up of Havana_hanuechan.jpg General 3rd - Misty Morning_Henry Frakes.jpg Set Subject 1st - Whisk it up_michelle cirkel.jpg Set Subject 2nd - Physalis_Sam Blood.jpg Set Subject 3rd - A thin slice_Simon Peters.jpg

Projected Image Competition 2 – 15th November 2018

Set Subject: Long Exposure (Note: Set Subject images will be judged and displayed here later in the season.)

Advanced 1st - Free Wheeling_Martin Patten LRPS CPAGB BPE2.jpg Advanced 2nd - Emerge from the Shadows_Nigel Cox.jpg Advanced 3rd - Great Crested Grebe Swallowing Fish_Terri Adcock LRPS CPAGB BPE2.jpg Intermediate 1st - A Night at the National_Colin Rowe.jpg Intermediate 2nd - Mother and Daughter_Chris Smyth.jpg Intermediate 3rd - Noisy Stag_Steven Meekins.jpg General 1st - The Hunter_Steve Bond.jpg General 2nd - Rainy night; waiting for her lover_Chris Spencer.jpg General 3rd - A Bloody Business_Don Bennett.jpg

Print Image Competition 2 – 6th December 2018

Set Subject: Film Titles

Advanced 1st - Heron on a Weir_Nigel Cox.jpg Advanced 2nd - Millennium Bridge at Night_Nigel Cox.jpg Advanced 3rd - Best Paw Forward_Lloyd Moore CPAGB BPE3.jpg Intermediate 1st - KNOTTED_Rod Eva.jpg Intermediate 2nd - Winskill Stones Yorkshire Dales_Steve Meekins.jpg Intermediate 3rd - MESMERIZED_Rod Eva.jpg General 1st - Home Extensions_Michael Colman.jpg General 2nd - Weathered_Gaurav Gajjar.jpg General 2nd - Gazelles at Sun Up_Don Bennett.jpg Set Subject 1st - The silence of the Lambs_michelle cirkel.jpg Set Subject 2nd - Singing in the Rain_Nigel Cox.jpg Set Subject 3rd - Nominee for Best Actress 1962_Michael Colman.jpg