Winning Images 2017/18

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Projected Image Competition 1 – 21st September 2017

Set Subject: Cassiobury Park

1st advanced - Are you sure what side of the cage you are on_Debbie Ram.jpg 2nd advanced - Cash Flow_Lloyd Moore.jpg 3rd advanced - Lick_ Debbie Ram.jpg 1st intermediate - Clevedon Pier_Steven Meekins.jpg 2nd intermediate - Gimme some grub_Peter Xerri.jpg 3rd intermediate - Amber Tutton_Colin MacDonald.jpg 1st primary - Lips_ChrisSpencer.jpg 2nd primary - Gray Jay_Megan Chaplin.jpg 3rd primary - Swallows-Mum Its My Turn_DaleAyres.jpg 1st set subject - Smoke on the Water_Steven Meekins.jpg 2nd set subject - November Hoar Frost_Lloyd Moore.jpg 3rd Set subject - Early Morning Walk_Terri Adcock.jpg

Print Image Competition 1 – 12th October 2017

Set Subject: Still Life

Advanced 1st - The Dealer_Lloyd Moore.jpgAdvanced 2nd - My Work Is Done_Charlotte Dwyer.jpgAdvanced 3rd - Fine_Charlotte Dwyer.jpgIntermediate 3rd - Peter Sagan - Triple World Champion_Gareth Quinn.jpgIntermediate 2nd - Seeing red_Gareth Quinn.jpgIntermediate 3rd - Coach Park_Steven Meekins.jpgPrimary 1st - Bear Claws_Chris Smyth.jpgPrimary 2nd - Stairs to Travel_Susan Gaszczak.jpgPrimary 3rd - Lavender_Chris Smyth.jpgSet subject 1st - Saucissons_Chris Smyth.jpgSet subject 2nd - Thistle_Peter Xerri.jpgSet subject 3rd - Facepaint_J-Nutkins.jpg

Projected Image Competition 2 – 9th November 2017

Set Subject: Humour

Advanced 1st - Wrong Answer_Lloyd Moore.jpg Advanced 2nd - Fisherman and Bike_John Gray.jpg Advanced 3rd - Hand Rail_Richard Wilson.jpg Intermediate 1st -Masterpiece_michelle cirkel.jpg Intermediate 2nd - The Fishmonger_Simon Merriman.jpg Intermediate 3rd - Amber Tutton_Colin MacDonald.jpg Primary 1st -Savra ice queen_ken Frakes.jpg Primary 2nd - Flying low_Simon Peters.jpg Primary 3rd - Death Row_Barry Saunders.jpg Set Subject 1st - More than a bird on a stick_michelle cirkel.jpg Set Subject 2nd - Fletch Looking Ruff_Lloyd Moore.jpg Set Subject 3rd - Chicken_Don Bennett.jpg

Print Image Competition 2 – 7th December 2017

Set Subject: Scapes

Advanced 1st - Southwold Pier_Richard Wilson.jpg Advanced 2nd - Red Squirrel and Great Tit_Carrie Eva.jpg Advanced 3rd - Gumshoe_Lloyd Moore.jpg Intermediate 1st - Chillean Rose Tarantula_Rod Eva.jpg Intermediate 2nd - Tradition and Splendour under license_Gareth Quinn.jpg Intermediate 3rd - Steely stare_Antony Olins.jpg Primary 1st - Moscow metro_Hanue Chan.jpg Primary 2nd - Three times a Lady_Mark Wilson.jpg Primary 3rd - Yellow Peril_Susan Gaszczak.jpg Set subject 1st - River Etive_Rod Eva.jpg Set subject 2nd - Milky Way over Lizard Lighthouse_Richard Wilson.jpg Set subject 3rd - Iconic Brugge_Martin Patten LRPS.jpg

Projected Image Competition 3 – 11th January 2018

Set Subject: Moving Objects

Advanced 1st_Midsummer Meadow_Elaine Rushton.jpg Advanced 2nd_Making a Splash_Lloyd Moore.jpg Advanced 3rd_Kestrel in Flight_Terri Adcock LRPS.jpg Intermediate 1st_The Portland Gallery_Jaffer Bhimji.jpg Intermediate 2nd_Kecia_Colin MacDonald.jpg Intermediate 3rd_Early morning frost_Peter Xerri.jpg Primary 1st_Artic Tern_Chris Smyth.jpg Primary 2nd_Grenadier Growl_Mark Wilson.jpg Primary 3rd_Brentor Church_Simon Peters.jpg Set subject 1st_Baby in Pink_Richard Wilson.jpg Set subject 2nd_Sliding Doors_Susan Gaszczak.jpg Set subject 3rd_Cheers_Terri Adcock LRPS.jpg
Print Image Competition 3 – 1st February 2018

Set Subject: Album / CD Cover

Advanced 1st_Strawberry Splash_Richard Wilson.jpg Advanced 2nd_Cigar Face_Lloyd Moore.jpg Advanced 3rd_Executive Sweet_Charlotte Dwyer.jpg Intermediate 1st_Bourbon shot_michelle cirkel.jpg Intermediate 2nd_Lavendar B_michelle cirkel.jpg Intermediate 3rd_Afternoon delight_Gareth Quinn.jpg Primary 1st_Cottage Comforts_Mark Wilson.jpg Primary 2nd_Alone_Mark Wilson.jpg Primary 3rd_Fish Supper_Susan Gaszczak.jpg Set subject 1st_Devil in Music_Lloyd Moore.jpg Set subject 2nd_Crossfire_Richard Wilson.jpg Set subject 3rd_Stacked_Don Bennett.jpg