Winning Images 2012/13

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Projected Image Competition 1
FULL BLOOM_Angela Williams.jpg Wow!!!!_Terri Adcock.jpg Emerging Poppy_Bhimji.jpg Summer Gold_Andy Dell.jpg Curvy concrete_David Marsden.jpg Haunted woods_David McTernan.jpg girl in the red shoes_Debbie Ram.jpg Evening Walk_Peter Moore.jpg Havana Streets_Peter Moore.jpg Golden Futures_Debbie Ram.jpg FOLLOW THE LEADER_Angela Williams.jpg Fun in the Rain_Patricia Kendrick.jpg
Print Competition 1
Serene Sunset_Steven Bockling.jpg Dollies by the dozen_Barry Saunders.jpg Crazy Bandito_Richard Wilson.jpg Monk Vietnam_David McTernan.jpg Busy Caretaker_David McTernan.jpg Lavendar Field_Patricia Kendrick.jpg Bruges by Night_Karen Reilly.JPG Ride_debbie ram.jpg NO WORK TODAY_G HUTCHINSON.jpg Oops_Alicja O'Sullivan.jpg Head to headless_Richard Wilson.jpg The Grape Escape_Terri Adcock.jpg
Projected Image Competition 2
Grebe escaping with Perch_Steven Bockling.jpg Take Away_Jaffer Bhimji.jpg Firefighters_Richard Wilson.jpg Sunrise Stag_Martin Patten.jpg Canal after dark_colin rowe.jpg Longing_Martin Patten.jpg sweet dreams_joloney.jpg Security Blanket_Liz Moore.jpg Twenty Seconds of Tyne_Peter Moore.jpg Water explosion_Dave Chapman.jpg Maybe-Possibly-Or is it__Barry Saunders.jpg Journey_David McTernan.jpg
Print Competition 2
Katy's bow_Richard Wilson.jpg Intrigued_Alicja O'Sullivan.jpg Contemplation_John Langford.jpg they're coming!_tony yates.jpg PEEK A BOO _Paul winslow.jpg Misty Contemplation_tony yates.jpg Not gone fishing_Rod Eva.jpg Puffin Eye_A Barnes.jpg Dilly Dilly_debbie ram.jpg Underneath the Arches_Patricia Kendrick.jpg Home from Home_hanue chan.jpg View from the grassy knoll_Carrie Eva.jpg
Projected Image Competition 3
Bokeh Pool_Richard Wilson.jpg Murlo Tuscany_John Gray.jpg Woodland Nymph_Angela Williams.jpg Churches at Heptonstall_Andy Dell.jpg Razorbill_PeterXerri.jpg Black on green_John Macadam.jpg Love_CharlotteDwyer.jpg Gerald_Carrie Eva.jpg Train of thoughts_Debbie Ram.jpg Dancing In The Dark_Marios Forsos.jpg In a spin_michelle cirkel.jpg White Water Slalom_Max Black.jpg
Print Competition 3
The Gift_J Nutkins.jpg TRAPPED_Angela Williams.jpg Pitstone Windmill_Richard Wilson.jpg Hanoi Colours_David McTernan.jpg Don't look now, there's an idiot with a camera_PeterXerri.jpg Conopid on a thistle_Martin Patten.jpg Lavender_Carrie Eva.jpg Mum am I a ginger_Carrie Eva.jpg Hammer_Dave Chapman.jpg cold wet and almost deserted London street_hanue chan submit.jpg On Tiptoe_Marios Forsos.jpg Austin Convention Centre_Carrie Eva.jpg
Projected Image Competition 4
After a hard day's work_Olga Giannopoulou.jpg Franz Josef Glacier - New Zealand_John Gray.jpg Birds Eye_Steven Bockling.jpg Magpie Mine_David Marsden.jpg no supporters_David McTernan.jpg Camouflaged Stag Portrait_Martin Patten.jpg Mother and Daughter_Charlotte Dwyer.jpg White Tailed Eagle grabing breakfast_A Barnes.jpg What's wrong with my hair_Tim Cosgrove.jpg Seeing clearly_debbie ram.jpg Iceberg Patterns_A Barnes.jpg Seeing Eye to Eye_Ken Fraser.jpg
Print Competition 4
1st - Live at The Academy_Steven Bockling.jpg 2nd - Little Joey_Richard Wilson.jpg 3rd - Dawn at Dungeness_Steven Bockling.jpg 1st - Joy_michelle cirkel.jpg 2nd - Sly Fox_Martin Patten.jpg 3rd - MISTY MORNING _Paul winslow.jpg 1st - Glymur by Night_Rod Eva.jpg 2nd - Dracula Gate_Peter Moore.jpg 3rd - Who's Going to Blink First_Carrie Eva.jpg 1st - Water-Sunlight-Rainbow_Andy Barnes.jpg 2nd - the heart of the great ocean send a thrilling pulse through me HW Longfellow_joloney.jpg 3rd - The Boiling Earth_Rod Eva.jpg
Projected Image Competition 5
1st - Lining up_John Langford.jpg 2nd - Prayer is in the eyes_Marios Forsos.jpg 3rd - Railway-points_Terry-Cherrill.jpg 1st - Orange Tip_Martin Patten.jpg 2nd Hungarian architecture_Colin Rowe.jpg 3rd My favourite_ paul winslow.jpg 1st - Stellers Sea Eagle skimming across the Icepack_Andy Barnes.jpg 2nd Through the heat haze_Rod Eva.jpg 3rd JAMMIN' WITH CHARIE_DEBBIE RAM.jpg 1st - Heaven for a woodworm_Dave Chapman.jpg 2nd - Bipolar_Richard Wilson.jpg 3rd - Slice of positivity_Barry Saunders.jpg
Print Competition 5
1st - Surfer_Steven Bockling.jpg 2nd - drinking-one's-tea_Terry Cherrill.jpg 3rd - Rough Sea, Still Sky_Terri Adcock.jpg 1st - This is as High as I am going_Paul Winslow.jpg 2nd Golden Sunrise_Martin Patten.jpg 3rd Stag_Paul Winslow.jpg 1st - Pop_Dave Chapman.jpg 2nd - Snow Monkey relaxing in the snow_Andy Barnes.jpg 3rd Winter trees_Peter Moore.jpg 1st - Dawn Watcher_Richard Wilson.jpg 2nd - So peaceful_John Langford.jpg 3rd - Golden Cornish Coastlines_debbie ram.jpg