Open and Experimental

Projected Digital Images (PDIs)

Click to upload PDI image files (Open and Experimental)

The evening will be for members to enter their experimental or development PDI’s into a standalone competition / feedback night. The meeting will be divided into two sections, an Open section for images that the author would like some feedback / scoring without it affecting their overall competition score, and an Experimental section for images that might be outside of the normal camera club judging framework. The images will be judged by a committee of club members.

Images entered into an Experimental/Open evening may be submitted to any future Print and PDI Competition.

Your images should be no larger than 1400 pixels wide or 1050 pixels tall (whichever is the greater), they should be in the sRGB colour space and saved as a JPEG.

Upload your Image files via the PDI Email Form (below) by midnight on the Sunday before the competition using the file naming format:–

Title_Your Name.jpg e.g. Mountains and Lakes_Joseph Bloggs.jpg

Click to upload PDI image files (Open and Experimental)