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Welcome to Watford Camera Club

We are a dynamic, diverse group of fun-loving photographers of all ages and abilities, ranging from 17 years of age to over 70, and all of us have a ‘young at heart’ attitude. The main aim of our club is to enable everyone to enhance their knowledge and skills and to enjoy everybody’s company. To this end we hold regular workshops, events out and competitions but always with an emphasis on enjoyment. In other words, we don’t take ourselves too seriously.

We run monthly internal competitions, which is a great way for members to experiment with new genres and styles and are always a lot of fun. In addition, we enter external competitions and have achieved considerable success over the last couple of years. For those who prefer not to enter competitions then we run a Free Group, where advanced members will offer their critique of images and suggest how they might be improved. We always reconvene at the pub after our Thursday meeting for those that are interested (it’s not compulsory) but expect plenty of good-natured banter amongst the group!

We have an active social and events calendar and regularly arrange trips out, such as Bushy Park in Richmond for the annual stag rut, Silverstone race track, zoos and wildlife parks. With London on our doorstep we frequently travel into the capital to see exhibitions, followed up by an evening of street or architectural photography.

If you would like to join us, whether you are a seasoned professional or a complete beginner, then you will receive a warm welcome.

Latest Winning Images

Watford Camera Club have competitions about once a month and we display the latest winning image here.

See Galleries Section for more.

1st advanced - Are you sure what side of the cage you are on_Debbie Ram.jpg 2nd advanced - Cash Flow_Lloyd Moore.jpg 3rd advanced - Lick_ Debbie Ram.jpg 1st intermediate - Clevedon Pier_Steven Meekins.jpg 2nd intermediate - Gimme some grub_Peter Xerri.jpg 3rd intermediate - Amber Tutton_Colin MacDonald.jpg 1st primary - Lips_ChrisSpencer.jpg 2nd primary - Gray Jay_Megan Chaplin.jpg 3rd primary - Swallows-Mum Its My Turn_DaleAyres.jpg 1st set subject - Smoke on the Water_Steven Meekins.jpg 2nd set subject - November Hoar Frost_Lloyd Moore.jpg 3rd Set subject - Early Morning Walk_Terri Adcock.jpg